Core Program

No doubt about it, test prep is a big commitment. It is an investment of both time and money, so deciding whether or not to pursue private test prep is a big decision. If you choose Juku and Joy Prep services, I can guarantee that I will teach time-tested and research-based strategies for improving test scores and relieving test anxiety. 

What I cannot guarantee is that your child will attain a specific score or gain on any section of any test.  Honestly, I would be very skeptical of anyone who DOES claim to be able to do that when there are so many factors beyond the control of a teacher in a testing environment; that would almost be like a dentist claiming to be able to prevent all cavities between dental visits! 

In order to achieve maximum potential, students will need to work outside of instruction time in the same way that people who are serious about fitness must commit to working out beyond the time that they spend with a weekly fitness trainer.  I will work hard to make the experience joyful by offering incentives and celebrating your child’s hard work along the way though!

Test prep sessions have a 1:1 student-teacher ratio, and all test prep sessions are completed online, so valuable time is not wasted on transportation or coordinating transportation.

Note: Students must have reliable internet connectivity and access to a Zoom account to participate in the sessions.